Company History

Sky Cleaners is a local business that operate in South Florida offering residential cleaning for your home, whether it is a large house or a comfortable apartment. We will handle all your cleaning needs, fitting our services to your budget and preferences
Sky Cleaners always guarantees its works, whether you choose one-time service or a weekly or alternate week schedule; Sky
cleaners will deliver a refreshed and clean home for your enjoyment.
Sky Cleaner’s staff is professionally trained and certified in environmentally friendly cleaning, using products and techniques with your family and the environment in mind. Our staff is fully insured and available 24/7 to meet your scheduling needs.
As our professional maids and housekeepers move through your home, every room is thoroughly cleaned, top to bottom, efficiently removing all dust and grime from your home. We can also include final finishing details specifically customized to your request (e.g. metal polishing, fragrance, pieces of art, etc.) to give your home the fresh look and feel that you can be proud of and enjoy.

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