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Professional Cleaning Service Company

Sky Cleaners is a local business that operate in South Florida offering residential cleaning for your home, whether it is a large house or a comfortable apartment. We will handle all your cleaning needs, fitting our services to your budget and preferences.



Superior Cleaning Solutions

Home Maintenance

Home Cleaning

Frequent household cleaning is important to avoid diseases and allergies caused by bacteria that accumulate in the dirt and dust. Our maids will clean every nook and cranny, disinfecting walls and doors where bacteria accumulates and can be transmitted through contact. we are cleaning professionals, guarranteeing a thourough job that your family will appreciate and enjoy.

Deep Clean

This specific service deep cleans with meticulous care and attention to provide a space completely impeccable, ideal for move-in/move-out prep, as well as for pre and post event/special function set up.

Regular Clean

We clean your home as often as required, weekly or biweekly. we will design and execute an appropriate strategy for your home and your needs, so that during the course of our visits your home remains clean, free of dust and disease.


For shops and high traffic areas that need frequent attention, we have special teams trained in unobtrusive fast and thorough cleaning. almost without making our presence felt, we will leave everything clean at a rapid pace. Our team will be certified and uniformed, attending to any specific requirements your particular needs dictate.

Office cleaning service

we have uniformed staff, fully bonded, carefully chosen and expertly trained that can clean your offices on a 24/7 schedule. We provide all cleaning equipment and supplies if required. our staff is bilingual and certified, with a high degree of professionalism.

Construction Maintenance

Before construction begins, we will prepare the space, moving furniture and covering floors, walls, fixtures and doors depends on the scope of work to be performed.
After construction we will remove discarded materials and perform cleaning to restore the space to a pristine condition.
Sky Cleaners is here to offer you a professional carefree post-construction cleaning experience with the necessary machinery to refinish floors, pressure wash, deep clean carpets, and generally any heavy duty cleaning that’s required. you can trust that we will give you the final touch so that your place looks and feels brand new.


Sky Cleaners provides professional and bonded staff to clean and maintain heavy traffic zones such as common areas, offices, stores, mall hallways and commercial space. We can scheduled our staff at any frequency you request it insure a clean and clear work place.